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Plant your first Clim8 tree

How you can make an impact right now

It is super easy: We will plant a tree for each friend that you refer to Clim8 for the early access list. No strings attached, they just have to add their email. It’s a win-win-win : 

  • For you, because the more friends you refer, the faster you will progress in the waiting list to get earlier access to the Clim8 app. 
  • For your friends, because they will have a chance to make an impact with their savings.
  • For all of us, because each tree planted makes this planet a better place. You refer, we plant!

I’m ready! How do I get started?

To qualify for this initiative, and have a tree planted on your behalf by Clim8, you just have to refer friends to our waiting list with your unique referral code, which you can find by entering your email here. Once your friends sign up for this waiting list, each one of these will be marked as your referee; you can also keep track of the referred friends to date when entering your email in the link above.

Where will my trees be planted?

We have partnered with WeForest for a planting project in Tanzania, where the destruction of natural forests is threatening rural communities and native wildlife.

WeForest has worked in Tanzania since 2011, distributing seedlings grown in a nursery (often fruit trees) to the people that need it most, starting with women-led households or families hosting orphans. When ecological integrity and our ecosystem are respected, human well-being is also enhanced.

What happens if I already referred some friends to Clim8 Invest?

We’ll also plant a tree for them! At the end of our private launch [aka Beta Clim8 app], we will inform WeForest of the exact number of trees to be planted. If you already referred some friends before this Plant a Tree campaign, don’t worry as these will be added, to count towards the number of trees planted.

How can I know how many trees will you plant on my behalf?

It’s straightforward. Just check your position in the waiting list. There you will also see the number of friends you referred so far to the list. We will plant on your behalf as many trees as friends you refer.  The more friends sign up to Clim8 waitlist, the more trees we plant on your behalf!

Can I get a record of my planted trees?

Yes, a certificate from our partner WeForest can be issued, stating your name and the total number of trees planted on your behalf on the planting project in Tanzania. Due to the volume of participants in this initiative, certificates will be issued upon request at the end of the campaign. If you wish to have your own certificate, please send us an email at hello@clim8invest.com, and we will follow up. We will also publicly announce the total number of trees planted. 

If my friends refer their contacts, will there be more trees planted?

Absolutely! This campaign is open for all sign-ups in Clim8’s early access waiting list, so your friends’ referrals will also be translated into trees in Tanzania. 

Thanks for helping us to make an impact. Let’s make our world greener together!

Refer a friend to plant a tree

As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

Refer a Friend and Plant a Tree – Terms and conditions:

  • Clim8 Invest Ltd will plant a tree for each referred email address to the early access waiting list for the Clim8 app launch
  • Campaign participants can track the number of referrals (which equals the number of trees to be planted on their behalf) by entering their email address on this link.
  • Trees will be planted in Tanzania as part of the WeForest Tanzania project and upon the completion of this campaign. Clim8 Invest Ltd reserves the right to use an alternative but similar tree planting project in case of unforeseen circumstances.  
  • The campaign will be finalised the day the Clim8 Invest app is launched publicly at the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store. If the app is not publicly launched by 1st of January 2021, Clim8 Invest Ltd reserves the right to conclude the campaign. If the campaign is concluded before the public launch of the app, trees will be planted as per the standing number of referrals per participant at the conclusion of the campaign. Equally, Clim8 Invest Ltd reserves the right to end the campaign when reaching 999,999 referrals (999,999 trees). 
  • The minimum number of referrals required to take part in this campaign is 1 referral (one referral equals to one tree planted) and the maximum is of 999 referrals (999 trees) per participant or 999,999 referrals (999,999 trees) in total for this campaign. 
  • Upon the completion of the campaign, campaign participants can request a personal certificate from WeForest and or Clim8 Invest with their name and the number of trees on their name. Certificates need to be requested at  hello@clim8invest.com
  • Duplicate entries to this campaign will be removed and will not count towards the number of trees planted and the referrals of the referee.
  • Clim8 Invest Ltd reserves the right to exclude unverified email entries to the list, such email entries from duplicated IP addresses, email addresses with non-active domains or bouncing email addresses