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Investment Team

Growing your savings, and protecting the planet, without compromise

Our experienced investment team invests in a tailored portfolio of companies and funds that make a positive impact on the environment in a sustainable way.

Applying rigorous, institutional-level standards to portfolio creations and management, we constantly seek to grow your investments and your positive impact on the planet.

Investment Team

Vincent Gilles

Chief Investment Officer

Vincent has been active in the space of energy finance and fund management as both an advisor and investor for nearly 3 decades. As a leading equity analyst, he wrote in the last few years some groundbreaking research on the economics of renewable energy highlighting his firm conviction that, thanks to fast improving economics, clean energy will soon replace fossil-fuel. He is a member of the board and investor in a number of clean energy-related start-ups and also a mentor to start-ups at Imperial College.

Big corporations and big banks have generally become places where new ideas are much talked about but often never properly implemented. Most fund managers now offer ‘clean’ products, but in my view, they are typically just relabelled old funds. At Clim8, we’re building from scratch without having to make the inevitable compromises of big corporations.

Bastien Dublanc

Investment Director & Head of Sustainable Investing

Bastien has spent the past 15 years working on energy and energy transition related issues in financial institutions such as KeplerChevreux, RBC Capital Markets and more recently Lombard Odier, a leading Swiss wealth manager where sustainability was engrained in the investment process. He deeply cares about the mountain ecosystem having hiked and skied across the Massif du Mont Blanc where glaciers are inexorably reducing due to global warming.

My generation (Millenials), and the following (Gen Z, and soon Gen Alpha) are keen to embrace sustainable and digital finance. I am convinced that Clim8 is not only on the right side of history, but more crucially it is the right investment platform for individuals eager to make a positive impact with their portfolios that have been set up in an institutional way.

Investment Advisory Committee

James Millard

Chief Investment Officer of specialist global insurer Hiscox and former head of Multi-Manager Strategies at Aberdeen Standard Investments where he was responsible for over £27 billion of client assets.

Climate related risks are rising to the top of investors considerations, and I believe Clim8 provides a straightforward way for investors to access well diversified investment portfolios that not only aim to meet their long term savings goals but also have a positive impact on climate change.

Vivian Bertseka

Director at Generation Investment Management, a sustainable investing firm co-founded by Al Gore and David Blood managing over $25 billion of assets in public and private funds.

Clim8 is addressing an enormous opportunity and it’s coming to market just at the right time to provide a product that solves a very big issue. Investing behind environmental priorities is very hard to do. Clim8’s differentiating factor is an experienced team that works to actively help manage clients’ money.

Bart Dujczynski

Renewable power and infrastructure investor with 20+ years experience across all renewable sources. Investing and working with global green investors and developers in the offshore/onshore wind & photovoltaic space as well as on clean-tech and energy efficiency strategies. Historically part of the team which set up and CFO of Polenergia SA (Poland’s largest renewable listed Independent Power Producer) and investment professional at Kulczyk Investments, Oaktree Capital and Rothschilds.

Clim8 is addressing the consumer demand to ensure capital is invested in sustainable focussed companies and strategies which are not the typical ‘greenwash’. The team has created a unique, diligent, active and transparent investment and risk management process, which allows anyone to ensure their capital is invested in truly sustainable strategies which maximise potential returns.

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