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Investing for climate impact

Impactful portfolios, crafted by our investment experts. Keep your peace of mind and leave the legwork to us.

With investing, your capital is at risk

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Our investment philosophy

We believe that investing for climate impact is the only way forward to create a sustainable future. With a focus on climate solutions, we have identified six core themes (Clim8 themes) which can help us reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals together and generate real impact, every day.

The Clim8 themes that work for a sustainable future

Clean energy

Smart mobility

Clean technology

Clean water

Sustainable food

Circular economy

No excuses, real impact only

Aligned with our core principles, we have a very strict exclusion policy that ensures any portfolio you hold with us is free from polluting industries and companies that do not fit within our environmental impact mission.

  • Fossil fuel extraction
  • Tobacco, gambling and weapons
  • Big tech companies

Portfolios filled with climate solutions

Instead, every portfolio you hold with Clim8 Invest is made up of a curated selection of stocks and funds, representing companies that are pioneers and leaders in their respective sectors. Investing in them is investing for a sustainable future, for you and the planet.

Our guiding principles

Environmental screening

  • Utilising quantitative data from independent climate data providers, potential companies are screened for their carbon impact amongst other things, to ensure only the right companies make it into your portfolio.
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Thematic screening

  • Filtering companies with the Clim8 themes in mind, ensures only those companies whose revenue sources lie within the sectors that are covered by our themes are included in Clim8 Invest’s portfolios.
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Financial screening

  • With an internal scoring system that includes financial information such as profitability and growth as well as risk metrics, the selection process is always guided by a consideration for the financial health and potential for returns.
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How we build your portfolio

Each portfolio is crafted by our investment team to ensure it is optimised for growth and climate impact. Your investments are actively managed and rebalanced regularly.

Tailored to your risk profile

Choose the risk profile most suited to you by selecting from one of three curated options.


A lower risk portfolio weighted towards more stable investments

Cautious chart


Fixed income




Performance 4.90%

Benchmark 1.77%


A portfolio with a balance of risk and reward

Balanced chart


Fixed income




Performance 12.41%

Benchmark 8.77%


A portfolio with more dynamism and a higher risk profile for long-term growth

Adventurous chart


Fixed income




Performance 23.68%

Benchmark 15.65%

This is an indicative portfolio breakdown. Your breakdown may vary slightly based on your investment amount and adjustments to maximise performance. Performance based on last 12 months up to 30 September 2021. Returns are illustrative only, based on simulated past performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The portfolios were established on 21 August 2020. Respective benchmarks based on comparative portfolio composition data using MSCI World and the Barclays Global Aggregated Bond Indices. For comparative purposes, the average return of the benchmark net of fees over the last 10 years is 6.09%, 8.84% and 11.58% respectively for the Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous portfolios.

Our in-house investment experts

With decades of experience, our investment leads Vincent Gilles and Bastien Dublanc constantly work on making sure your portfolios are optimised for both impact and growth.

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