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Aptiv: The journey towards autonomous vehicles and green mobility

We live in a world that needs to transition. We need new energy systems, new mobility solutions and new consumption habits, amongst others. The history of the tech company Aptiv is a testimony of the fast changing world we live in. Non-independent marketing communication This communication has not been prepared in accordance with the legal […]

Sustainable Investing

Views from Clim8’s investment deck: Why we don’t invest in Big Tech

At Clim8 Invest, our goal is to offer our clients portfolios that make a positive impact on the environment. Our active selection of actively managed funds and ETFs that have been designed with an investment philosophy we share and an above-average thematic exposure to our six core investment themes: Clean Energy, Clean Tech, Clean Water, Circular Economy, Sustainable Food and Clean Mobility.

Sustainable Investing

Investing in Big Tech: Ranking the tech giants’ climate commitments

The Clim8 Investment team doesn’t believe Big Tech (Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft) provides solutions to the climate crisis. Hence why we do not hold them in our Clim8 portfolios. More our team’s view on Big Tech here. Still, we paid close attention to their recent climate commitments, taking the measure of Big Tech’s leadership to […]

Sustainable Investing

Orsted: the world’s most sustainable company?

Clim8’s CIO Vincent Gilles shares another example of a company included in the portfolio that we have curated at Clim8 Invest. Orsted is one of the few names in the clean energy space which is generally well known. There is a good reason for this: this Danish company has turned itself from a traditional Government-owned […]

Sustainable Investing

Greencoat UK Energy: wind energy in Clim8’s portfolio

In the course of the next few weeks, we will share more details about the components of the portfolios that we have curated at Clim8 Invest. We will try to minimise technical investment jargon and make clear what our users are investing in. We are starting with 3 portfolios, investing in our 6 key sustainable […]

Sustainable Investing

Why Sustainable Stocks Are Likely To Outperform In Next Decade

You would have needed to be on another planet not to have heard that sustainable investments have outperformed markets since the Covid-19 crisis. Over Q1 2020, out of 206 sustainable equity funds and ETF in the US tracked by Morningstar, 44% were in the top quartile in terms of performance, 70% in the top two […]

Sustainable Investing